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Cynthia Francis

Cynthia Francis joined GDI in 2019.  Over the past 30+ years, Cynthia has worked as a Subcontract Administrator, Commodity Manager, Information Management Specialist, Strategic Project Specialist and Senior Shareholder Account Rep. 


These positions span from the U.S. Air Force and private sector.  While in the Air Force, she supported the Intelligence Division and Fighter Squadrons at Ramstein Germany and ended at the Intelligence Division at Langley Air Force. 


She started her career at Randolph Air Force Base within the Manpower Personnel Center as an Information Management Specialist.  The 1980s were spent in various Active duty U.S. Air Force duties. 


In 1991, she began various private sector duties which included a tour in Iraq as a Subcontract Administrator and Expeditor in Operation Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn. 


She has no roots as she’s a product of a Military family.  However, she’s now very proud to claim Colorado as home.

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